Simple Rules For Writing A Good Research Paper In English

As a fresh student in the university, it is your first time of being assigned to write a research paper. It is a usual process associated with every given course as you are expected to identify a question or issue closely related to your course, find answers and present same in a clearly written paper. Although there are rules that are supposed to guide you in carrying out these activities, they are only designed to make the process easier for you and not complicated. Here are some of those simple rules for writing a good research paper in English. They are as follows:

  • Choose A Topic: English is a very broad course but buried beneath and lots of narrowed-down topics which can make interesting academic papers. Therefore, take your time to look for and choose a topic for your paper.
  • Go For Something Unique: In your search for possible topics for your academic paper, you are sure to have noticed that there are topics that have had lots of papers published or written on them and there are others that are yet to receive such broad publicity. In order to increase the chances of your research paper becoming popular, go for less solved but simple questions and problems.
  • Give Time To Proper Research: If you have chosen to write on a new but simple topic, you should be prepared to give adequate time to proper research on such topic. This is especially because it would not be easy to get information on the chosen topic but with diligent search, you will be able to gather enough data for your paper.
  • Take Time To Write: When you are working on any type of academic paper, there is no need for you to be in a hurry. Take your time to present your paper’s argument in a very clear and logical manner. Your topic might be very interesting but if the presentation is not properly written, it would not make any meaning to the readers.
  • Cite Your Sources Properly: You can cite sources used in writing your research paper through endnotes, footnotes or in-text. Whichever option you are using, make sure they are done in the approved citation style or format. This includes graphs, images, illustrations and tables used.

These are just a few of the simple rules that would help or guide you in writing a good academic paper in English or any other course.