Making the best choice: argumentative topics for research papers

Nothing sends signals of confusion and indecision to a student like the prospect of selecting a topic to write about. It is undoubtedly the most difficult part of the essay writing process. The reason it becomes such an ordeal to choose a topic lies in the abundance of subjects and issues to choose from. The world is full of things to narrate and issues to argue. So how exactly does one complete this task without agonizing over it for days or weeks? Exclusion is the answer. First, exclude all the areas that do not interest you. This is especially important in the case of an argument essay: No matter how hot the debate is, and how current the issue, do NOT write about it if it has failed to get a rise out of you. Now make a random list of debates and issues that interest you. Arrange the list in order of preference, and viola, you have a shortlist!

If the process of exclusion does not help you reach a definitive decision, try the following:

  • Call a friend
  • Talk to your teacher
  • Google it

Some topics that you may find interesting or inspirational:

  1. Hair straightening treatments can lead to cancer. These should be made illegal.
  2. The minimum wage should/should not be raised in proportion to the value of gold/oil.
  3. The working week should/should not be shorter.
  4. There are proven benefits of homework. There should be more of it.
  5. There are no/few proven benefits of homework, therefore there should be no homework.
  6. There should be on-campus childcare facilities for teenage mothers.
  7. The Government should divert the budget from war and ammunition to a Citizens’ Welfare program.
  8. Space exploration should be discontinued until poverty is eliminated from Earth.
  9. Women should be given 2 years fully paid maternity and childcare leave.
  10. Paternity leave should be mandatory.
  11. Fathers and mothers should have equal responsibility in parenting.
  12. Stay-at-home parenting should be encouraged.
  13. Home schooling is a better alternative to social schooling.

Any topic that you feel strongly about is the best topic you can choose for your argument essay. Although it is easier to argue from the popular standpoint, do not hesitate to take an unorthodox position on a topic. All you should have is conviction and supporting arguments/evidence to write a convincing essay.