How To Find Good Sources For A Research Paper On Human Trafficking

When writing a research paper on human trafficking you want to find credible sources to back up the claims you make regardless of your specific topic. Generally, you want to stick with sources that are not older than three years. The majority of your work should be conducted at the library, but there are some great ways of finding information online as well. This article goes over all of the best methods for finding good sources on the topic of human trafficking.

Online articles posted on government sites

The internet is a great place to find background material for you to use, but it’s also a pretty good place to find content that could be used depending on the organization responsible for posting the material. For instance academic institutions or government websites are great places to find information because the content is always verified for accurateness and updated whenever new information becomes available. Other things you should look out for is building a list of resources for you to look up on your own. For instance, if material makes a citation you can copy down that information and track down the original source.

Printed material found at the school library

As mentioned above the majority of work searching for resources should be done at the school library. Whether you use academic journals or books, readers expect for you back up your arguments with credible sources. Always speak with the reference librarian first so that you can get a few ideas for search terms to use in order to find the best or most relevant material on your human trafficking topic. Try a few variations of your searches to broaden your results a bit and have more to choose from in case it gets difficult to find the right material.

Online material found in school databases

Finally, you can usually find great sources that aren’t a part of the regular collection held at your school library by searching online databases. If you aren’t familiar with these you should speak with a reference librarian to learn how to search for material kept in other collections and how to order copies. Some material should be printable, but some content will have to be ordered through inter-library loan. Because you might have request them from other institutions, you should search for these as early as possible to allow for the delivery time or any of a number of issues that might arise.