A List Of 20 Good Books To Write A Term Paper On

Writing a great term paper often comes down to choosing a great book that provides several good topics for discussion. If you are free to choose whichever book you want, you should consider this list of 20 great books to write a term paper on:

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird – Discuss race relations in the American South. Consider how the law and society clashed or agreed on certain issues.
  2. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – Murakami’s masterpiece is field with a dream realism similar to that of Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Discuss the similarities and differences.
  3. For Whom the Bell Tolls – Hemingway’s war masterpiece brings a revealing look at conflict and the ideals of heroism. How does he question or approve of the protagonist’s attitude?
  4. Pride and Prejudice – Elizabeth Bennet, the central character deals with issues of manners, morality, education, etc. How are traditional views challenged within the text?
  5. Robinson Crusoe – Defoe’s fictional travelogue led many to believe that Crusoe was indeed a real person. How does Defoe achieve this through narration?
  6. Peter Pan – An influential storybook deals a lot with the absurdities of adulthood through the eyes of teenagers and children not wanting to grow up. How are these views relevant to youth today?
  7. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Discuss some of the complicated use of syntax and situation in the text that speak to Dodgson’s education and profession in mathematics.
  8. The Hunger Games– How does this modern action and adventure book use a powerful female lead to promote feminism in a time when most action heroes are male?
  9. Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban – How does this installment of the popular wizard tale differ from the way it handled the concept of criminality and public perception of one of its main characters?
  10. The Federalist Papers – Discuss how these founding documents helped shape the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  11. The Scarlett Letter – Is this novel still relevant today when puritan values are no longer the norm in society?
  12. The Crucible – How did this Miller play reflect the contemporary state of public persecution and subsequent legal processes at the time of its writing?
  13. Moby Dick – An English language masterpiece that is rarely studied by high school or college students today. What makes it so complicated to study?
  14. Walden – This self-reflective piece attempts to bring man closer to nature through a life of solitude without distraction. Is this still relevant in today’s world?
  15. Adventures of Tom Sawyer – A politically charged satire, the book is often skipped in curricula throughout the U.S. What are its most controversial parts?
  16. Huckleberry Finn – What issues about race and society are explored through the use of the novel’s main characters? What is Twain trying to say about the world?
  17. An American Psycho – This modern masterpiece explores social isolation and disassociation in a competing modern world as a sort of madness. What else does it achieve?
  18. Fight Club – This book gave a glimpse into an increasingly common mental disorder through its main character. What can be said about the supporting characters when the narrator is unreliable?
  19. Girl Interrupted – Feminism and mental disorder collide in this harrowing look at institutionalized women. How does symbolism work to say something greater about society?
  20. Wide Sargasso Sea – This early work in meta-fiction shows an alternative view of the exotic wife in Jane Eyre. How does the plot speak to the greater issues of racism and slavery?