How To Create A Good Art History Research Paper

Writing an Art History research paper is just like writing any other research paper but the subject is on Art History. You want to start out by picking your topic. Good topics that you can use are, writing about a famous art heists, examining the link between artists and them having a mental illnesses, or looking at masks from different cultures. These are just some of the ideas that you can use for your Art History research paper.

Writing An Art History Research Paper

  • Once you pick your topic, it’s time for you to start doing your research. Do as much research as you can on the subject. This will make writing your research paper later a lot easier because then you have facts to work with.

  • Create an outline for your research paper. Creating an outline will help put all of your facts and ideas in order.

  • Write the first draft of your research paper, do this draft as quickly as possible because you can come back to it later and fix your mistakes. If you think too much writing the first draft you won’t get it done so you can edit it.

  • Do the first round of edits and revisions. Look for grammatical, spelling, and sentence structure. These are the simplest errors to correct.

  • Now you want to leave the research paper alone for a while maybe a day or two and then come back to it. Then start the revision process all over again and look for errors you missed with a set of fresh eyes.

  • Keep editing your Art History research paper until you have found all of the errors. Nobody is perfect so there might still be some errors that you missed that won’t be caught before you turn it in.

  • Don’t forget to check the formatting, style, and work-cited page before you hand it in. You don’t want to hand in your research paper in the wrong style or format and lose easy points. Also read through all of the instructions again before you start editing your research paper to ensure that you don’t miss something that was supposed to be in the research paper.

Writing a research paper take patients and a lot of time but if you set goals on when you want to have it done and pay close attention to detail, your Art History research paper will be the best.