How to Choose a Contemporary Business Topic for a Research Paper

If you are able to make a study of a wide range of research papers on business topics, you'll find that the one thing they all have in common is the wisdom of the choice of the topic. It's a good, if not a very good topic. So if you have to write a research paper and a business topic is your chosen field then choose well and choose wisely.

What really helps in your choice is that if you are asked to find a contemporary business topic there really is a vast range of such topics. Business is constantly changing. Particularly in the world of technology there has never been a more vibrant time for business development. Just to whet your appetite here is a list of contemporary business topics which would be ideal for your next research paper.

  • Is Facebook a good tool for business?
  • How can marketing take advantage of the iPad revolution?
  • What are the advantages of people changing careers on a regular basis?
  • Is the glass ceiling now a thing of the past?
  • What does a sales letter need today to actually get read?

Now of course because the topic is contemporary and because it has a great resource base for your research for your paper, that doesn't necessarily make it ideal for you. What really counts is your passion for this particular business topic or your background in the topic. If in your studies you are later going to study an aspect of modern-day marketing, then it makes common sense that you would choose a contemporary business topic for your research paper which will be directed toward your future studies.

And just because your contemporary business topic is a very popular one and likely to have many students writing about it, that should not disqualify it. Remember that you can take a popular topic but write a research paper from a unique or different angle. When your professor or examiner starts to read your paper they’ll quickly see that your clever take on the topic gives you a unique approach.

Remember a research paper will only succeed if there is clear evidence you have conducted appropriate research. Is your contemporary business topic one which is deep with loads of facts available to be discussed? If so, and you have a passion for the theme or topic, then you may well be on a winner.