A List Of Creative Term Paper Ideas On American Government 

Lately more and more people decide to choose American government as a subject of their term papers. It can be very challenging to write such an assignment, because it requires a lot of research on a particular branch of government and how it affects the lives of US citizens. There are many directions you can take to create a good paper, due to the various tasks the government itself completes. However, it can be tricky to come up with a good topic right away, since you have to be both interested in it and have enough data to support your point of view. You can base your research on various sources. Look through newspapers and magazines, check the Internet, or simply hold some surveys around your campus. If you’re still struggling with a topic, take a look at the list of creative term paper ideas on American government below:

  1. Main principles of US government and their implementation in the life of the XXI century society.
  2. Government policies and their impact on social inequality.
  3. A study on issues the Federal government is facing today.
  4. The religious aspect of the US government.
  5. The US government policies concerning the Web.
  6. Government policy towards outsourcing and its consequences for US citizens.
  7. Alternative energy US policy: advantages and disadvantages.
  8. Government money distribution: an empiric study.
  9. Pros and cons of free health care implementation.
  10. A right to pray in school: invasion on other people’s privacy or protection of your own?
  11. US government censorship: do citizens have the right to watch what they want?
  12. The advantages and disadvantages of US government policy towards marijuana legalization.
  13. Social security for the poor and unemployed: current problems and ways to deal with them.
  14. A study on the 2nd Amendment: a blessing or a curse?
  15. Should the Electoral College system be replaced by direct voting?
  16. US government policy towards freedom of speech in modern society.
  17. Drinking age policy: is 21 too late to start?
  18. Church and government interconnections and their influence on society morals.
  19. Foreign US government policy: words or guns?

These are some topics to get you started. Feel free to expand on them, as well as add your own perspective. If you can find something that will light up your passion, you will come up with a great term paper that you will enjoy writing.