Academic Research Paper Writing: A Brief Tutorial For Dummies

Writing a research paper is a common academic assignment for high school and college students. However, if you’ve never dealt with such tasks before, you should learn what actions you need to perform to compose a paper that will impress your instructor and earn you a good mark.

Steps That You Should Follow

  1. Come up with a narrow topic.
  2. You should look at the problem stated by your teacher from an unusual angle or focus only on some of its aspects. This will make your study unique and interesting.

  3. Conduct research.
  4. Some topics will require you to study and analyze theoretical materials. In other cases, you’ll need to carry out your own experiments. Always try to conduct your research as thoroughly as possible to achieve more accurate results.

  5. Create an outline.
  6. Once your research has been completed, you should think about structuring your paper. Don’t include a lot of details in your outline, but rather indicate the key points that you should mention in each section of your paper.

  7. Write an introduction.
  8. This section should give the reader a basic knowledge of your research area and make them understand why it’s important to find answers to your questions. At the end of this chapter, you should give a brief summary of body paragraphs.

  9. Write a body.
  10. Here, you should give the detailed review of the theoretical background, describe all the actions that you’ve performed during your research, and present the results that you’ve got. This is the largest and the main section, so take your time when composing it.

  11. Write a conclusion.
  12. In this chapter, your main goal is to tie up together everything written previously and show the significance of your work to the reader. You may also need to come up with several directions in which your readers may continue your study.

  13. Include additional sections.
  14. At the end of your paper, you should have a bibliography where you list all your sources and a section for appendices.

  15. Proofread and edit your text.
  16. Make sure that your paper is formatted properly and doesn’t contain mistakes. Revise it several times to play it safe.

Buying Research Papers

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