Tips on How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper

When you are writing and publishing a scientific paper your job is to ensure that the content you have provided will add to the collective knowledge and betterment of your field. Published work is a great honor and should be treated as such. You want to also make sure that the abstract you create is one which clearly explains everything contained in your paper. In the majority of cases the abstract is the only piece of your scientific paper which will be read and it is what will be used to catalogue your paper for other researchers and professionals to read in the future. Below is an example of a published abstract for a scientific paper:


This report analyzes the history of financial crisis and the Dodd Frank Act. The report seeks to present an understanding on the Savings and Loan crisis in the U.S. during the 1980’s. We seek to provide explanation for why Drexel Burnham Lambert and Mike Milken, The Junk Bond King worked and then failed. The same analysis goes for Long Term Capital Management. We travel through the 1980’s to Clinton in 1999 with the relaxation of standards for Freddie and Fannie Mae. 2000 sets the scene as the Dawn of a New Adventure with low document loans, the creation of mortgage dealers, liar loans, ninja loans, S & P and Moodie, the resale of sub-prime, Geanie Runs Rampage 2004-2007, executive bonuses, and CDS. We end with the first decade of 2000 coming to a close with the failure of Lehman Bros and Bear Stearns, AIG, Bank of America, and Barack Obama’s 2009 stimulus plan, the result of U.S. Twin Deficits, and international competitiveness in the auto industry. We conclude with Dodd Frank Act and the current implications it has on the housing market.

Keywords: Gold, Currency, Float, Bond, Loans, Mortgage, Banks, Deficit, Real Estate, U.S.

As you can see in the information above it covers all of the sections and subsections that are included in the published content. It also includes the relevant keywords listed beneath which are used to not only categorize the scientific paper but to help search engines that are looking for content related to those fields. In cultivating an outstanding scientific paper free from error and including an abstract matching in both thoroughness and flawlessness you are well on your way to writing and publishing a scientific paper of your own.