Help Me Compose a College Psychology Research Paper Topic

Academically speaking it is more often than not that students find themselves turning to the internet for inspiration when it comes to topic ideas and essay help; rather than taking up class time to ask what would seem like menial questions. Professors also allow a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing a topic as well.

For some students this is exactly what they are looking for when choosing a good psychology topic; this comes easy to them, but for others this can be a source of headache and strife.

Looking for topic Ideas

  • Try flipping through your textbook; hopefully something will jump out to you and spark your interest.
  • Though if this fails try going back through your notes; you may find that you had a question on a topic and be able to turn the answer into a good research paper.
  • Another idea is to watch the news; there is so much going on out there and you may even find inspiration there.

Topic Ideas for a College Psychology Research Paper

Don’t completely lose faith though if those methods above didn’t really turn up anything for you. Check out these ideas; maybe even expand upon them.

  • Dream theory- how the dreams a person has can affect their mental growth and development of the mind.
  • Disorders of the psychological persuasion; many people have common issues that they face every day; how does this impact the way they live and their family. Avoid listing just facts; expand upon the effects.
  • Parapsychology- Does it belong in today’s psychology? Should it be considered seriously when diagnosing mental issues? Why or why not?
  • False memories; explore the whys and decision making that happens with this odd occurrence.
  • Media violence and the effects on children and teens.
  • Social cognition.
  • Social control and cults; how does this affect society as a whole.
  • Allure of scents; why some scents trigger memories and others help attract partners.
  • Mass suicides-cause and effect it may have on others? What chemical processes in the brain causes this level of depression in many people.
  • The concept of self; what factors determine this and what factors can destroy a person’s sense of self.

There is no limit to the topics you can discuss when it comes to psychology; it is honestly the matter of finding a topic that interest you the most because when you care about a topic that comes across in your writing and makes the research paper all that much more meaningful.