Tips and Tricks on How to Write a Thesis Paragraph for a Research Paper

When you write an elaborate research paper, your thesis may take up an entire paragraph within the introduction. Preparing a great thesis is all about clearly stating your main paper theme and drawing a conclusion from your research. Here are some helpful tricks that students can use to make the thesis paragraph writing process a bit easier.

1. Write your thesis after you have completed your research

It may be a good idea to wait until after you have completed your research to compose your thesis. Instead, come up with a general direction for your paper and conduct your research based on that idea. Then, once you have looked at the evidence see if you can summarize what you have discovered in a strong thesis sentence.

2. Express one main idea in your thesis

Remember that your thesis should only convey one main idea that summarizes the content of the paper. Instead of trying to cram too many ideas into your thesis paragraph come up with one strong angle that describes the content that will be included in the rest of the paper. It should be very clearly what sentence within the thesis is your actual “thesis statement”. It should stand out and be very obvious about what the rest of the research will describe.

3. Introduce your main points

As part of the thesis paragraphs you will also want to summarize the main ideas and evidence points that you have discovered during your research. Basically these should be summarized into one sentence that conveys how you have drawn your conclusions and composed the thesis. Remember that you only want to be brief and not give everything away right at the beginning.

4. Get the readers attention

Finally, when you are composing an introduction to your research paper you want to figure out a way to get the readers attention. This is very important if you want to attract an audience for your writing. Use creative writing techniques to create an intriguing thesis paragraph. This will make your entire paper more interesting and easy to read.