Things To Remember Composing An MLA Term Paper Heading

There is a specific format that has to be followed when writing in MLA style. Writers follow certain conventions when it comes to writing term papers. Read on to learn about things that you need to remember when composing an MLA term paper heading. The most essential parts include,

  • Document settings
  • Page header
  • Title block
  • Citations
  • Works cited list

Document settings

Since the word processor often comes with default settings, these settings will need an adjustment.MLA style would require,

  • 12-point typeface(often Time new Roman)
  • No extra spacing after paragraphs
  • 2.0 line height (double spaced)
  • 1-inch margins all around

Page Header

Click on “page header” on your word processor and add an automatic page number as well as your surname in the top right of every page.

Title block

Type your instructor’s name, your name, the current date (day, month, year) and the details about your course (course number and section) in the upper left corner. Then type a good title that informs the reader of the main idea. Here are some other important details that you should do with regard to formatting the title block.

  • It should be centered.
  • It should be spaced
  • It should be of the same font. As the rest of the paper. Do not write it in upper case. Do not underline it. Do not bold it. Do not write it in a larger font. It should follow the rules of a normal sentence. Only the first letter of the first word should be in uppercase.
  • There shouldn’t be any extra space above or below the title.
  • It should include the general topic and your opinion on the topic.


There are two different sections that the citation could appear. It could be on the body of your term paper or on a separate page at the end. There are different ways of citing a block quote, an inline quotation and a paraphrase.

Works cited list

You need to end your paper with bibliographical details of every source that you cited. Here are important things to note.

Start a new page

Title this new page. There should be no special formatting. No extra spaces should be left above or below. Your works sited list has to be organized well. Ensure that you sort the entries in an alphabetical order by the author’s last name.