Top 20 Argumentative Research Paper Topic Ideas

Choosing an argumentative topic for your research paper can be very interesting task. An argumentative essay or research paper aims at convincing your readers to your opinions with the help of statistical data, facts, authenticated resources, real life examples, and case studies. It is very important that you research paper is free of subjectivity and whatever you write in your paper is supported by strong evidence. If you decide to write an argumentative research paper then the most important step is to choose the right topic. This topic will lay the foundation of your entire research. If you choose a topic that does not have necessary evidence available about it then you will fail to convince your audience and lose some score in your paper.

Twenty interesting topics for your argumentative research paper

Here is a list of great topics you can use for your research paper

  1. The internet has brought huge changes in the revenue systems
  2. There is a possibility of machines overtaking the human brain
  3. Is it okay for teenagers to download and watch movies without parental advisory?
  4. Is it possible to have a banking system without interest rates on loans?
  5. Do children with single parents have behavior problems?
  6. Should sex education and awareness be a part of the syllabus globally?
  7. Why is sex considered a taboo in many cultures when food is not, both of them are basic human instincts
  8. Is it safe to buy stuff online from quick buy and sell sites?
  9. Should people have a say in the services offered by state governments
  10. Should there be certain characteristics a child or person must meet for keeping a pet at home?
  11. What is the rarest species in the world? Why is endangered and what chances are of it being extinct?
  12. Does current education system provide equal opportunities to all the students
  13. Are actors and football celebrities over paid?
  14. Are politicians honest to their workers and general audience
  15. Why do only women have a maternity leave from work, should there be a leave for men as well.
  16. Should abortion be banned in our country?
  17. What is the cause of global warming? Are humans responsible for this climate change?
  18. Why some people are vegetarians and do not eat meat?
  19. Is it okay to cheat in exams
  20. Should every country allow homosexual marriages?