How Do You Write a Thesis for a Research Paper: Where to Begin

Writing a strong research paper requires an inquisitive thought process that answers two questions: how and why. In order to do this you need to create a thesis statement that will help you establish a claim and prove it through logic, reasoning, and examples. A thesis statement is the objective of your paper and therefore should be the guideline to the content it will involve. It essentially brings together the research you have conducted and allows you to prove a theory. That is why it is necessary to follow certain steps in order to write a proper thesis for your research paper.

  • Brainstorm topics by writing down ideas that can be built on.
  • Write a single sentence that encompasses your thesis idea.
  • Change the sentence to a question to see if it can be proven.
  • Narrow down the statement to keep it contained to one general idea.
  • Compare the statement to similar ideas and make sure the thesis you choose can be proven.

In order to effectively brainstorm you can look at hot topics online and make a list of some that may be of interest to you.  Once you have settled on a few, begin writing sentences for each topic that can be turned into a thesis. Try choosing a thesis that is not only interesting to you but is also something that will interest your reader and encourage a certain level of investment for them as well. Keep them engaged in what you’re writing about and make them want to see if your thesis will be proven. The best way to decide on a thesis is by choosing something that is intriguing and informative. You need to use logical reasoning and examples to support the theory you are trying to prove through your thesis.

Conduct the research not only through reading material but also experiments that use physical evidence to prove your theory. Whether you use technology, solutions, or hardware, it is always important to have tangible examples of how your research was performed. Include pictures that directly correlate to your thesis statement.

Thesis statements should always be written in such a way that they can provide the reader with an understanding of what your research paper is trying to accomplish. Understanding the best way to write your thesis statement by following these guidelines will ensure that you are on your way to an informative, fact based research paper.