Clinical Psychology Research Paper Topic Ideas

Clinical psychology explores various aspects of mental health including disabilities and illnesses. An effective research paper in this subject matter will provide useful details and informative data that stand out on its own. But, when you need to conduct in-depth research or conduct experiments related to your subject matter, a good topic is a must. This can be a challenge when there are so many topics and subtopics to consider. A handful of ideas can help you get started in your quest for a compatible topic you want to learn more about. Consider the following:

  • Comparison of psychological disorders; you can choose two you want to further explore and share outcomes of related research. What are similarities regarding symptoms and characteristics and how are they diagnosed?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of therapy options. Which options have shown most favorable results? Do you agree or disagree in how they are practiced on patients? What would you change about a treatment option or what do you want to see being offer as an effective option.
  • Why is depression one of the most common mental illnesses to deal with? Are there risk factors people fail to pay attention to? Why are there so many different types of antidepressants? What preventative strategies can be practiced to encourage those with depression to live better lives?
  • How does self-esteem affect children, teens and/or adults? At what age is most likely to deal high levels of peer pressure? How does hormone development in teens affect how they feel about themselves and their mental state?
  • How do people living with anxiety cope each day? What are some of the most effective methods of treatment that help individuals live normal lives. What happens when someone with anxiety does not decide to get help for their problem?
  • How does childhood trauma experienced affect a child as an adult? Is there evidence that provides insight on how certain behaviors can be avoided while transitioning from a child to an adult? Are there effects from childhood trauma that become permanent?
  • What elements contribute to or lead to eating disorders? Is it true such disorders are experienced more by females than males? What elements in the mind contribute to someone wanting to avoid or eat little food?
  • Does online therapy for mental conditions work? What should people know before considering this as an option? How effective is this option for teens, adults and/or seniors?