List of Creative Term Paper Topics in Psychology

Finding an interesting topic for a research paper in psychology isn’t difficult as this subject is full of various issues that are waiting to be explored. The problem here is finding an original idea, as the vast majority of the topics have been researched before.

You will need to use a creative approach to solve this problem. Here are some suggestions you can use:

  • Differences in the development of schizophrenia in young women and men.

    Schizophrenia is a topic that has been studied for decades, but there are still some issues to be uncovered. This paper must describe the development of the disease in young men and women. Pay special attention to the way it affects their aggression levels. Study how they respond to treatment. Be sure to mention how pregnancy affects the condition in women.

  • Integrating cutters back in the society after therapy.

    In this essay, you should briefly explain the reasons that cause people to start cutting themselves. Then, you need to provide some information on the therapy techniques used for treating this disorder. Conduct a study that will allow you to learn how these people integrate back into the society after they are released from a hospital.

  • Individual differences and stress.

    Every person is unique, but how does this affect people’s natural response to stress? This research should determine how individual differences influence the development of people’s coping mechanisms.

  • How to raise a special child?

    Decide on what kind of “special” you want to focus on. You can write an essay about raising a mentally handicapped child, a prodigy, a child suffering from a severe emotional /physical trauma, etc. The paper should include advice on treatment, social activities, development, schooling, and emotional relationships.

  • Is sexual education beneficial to children?

    This topic is rather controversial, so you will need to find some strong evidence to support your arguments. Be sure to word the paper in a way that will make it impossible to refute the points you make.

  • The effect of pregnancy on a woman’s professional development.

    Study several cases in order to come to some well-grounded conclusions. Use hard evidence to support each of your statements. Offer some tips for future mothers who want to pursue a career.

  • Is there a way to reduce the number of teenage suicides?

    Study the dynamics of teenage suicide levels over the last few decades and determine the reasons that cause them. Develop a strategy that will be able to reduce the number of these tragedies. Focus on developing effective ways to reach the troubled teenagers and overcome their trust issues.